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August Newsletter

Back to school =  time for a dental checkup

Soon our children will be going back to school! A back-to-school dental checkup is very important for parents to consider. Children deserve to start the school year with a healthy and care free smile.

It’s important to remember that the health of your children’s teeth and gums can have a direct impact on their overall health. While poor dental hygiene can lead to gum disease, decay, and tooth loss, the bad news doesn’t stop there. Research suggests that the inflammation from periodontal, or gum disease, puts one at a greater risk for diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease.

Even your wallet can feel the effects. Cavities resulting from a lack of care will result in expensive procedures to restore the health of the tooth, or if left untreated, remove the tooth. While dentures are an available, worst-case option, they can be uncomfortable and are not as effective as a natural tooth.

Here are some tips from Affordable Dental Center of Jacksonville to keep in mind this new school year.

Supervise Dental Hygiene

In younger children, this is especially important.  Instruct them on proper brushing and flossing.  Check their work to make sure they have cleaned all the way in back and behind their front teeth.  Talk about healthy teeth, and the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene.

Don’t Skip Regular Dental Check-Ups

The best way to avoid the need for extensive dental work is to detect problems early.  Seeing the dentist every six months for and exam and dental cleaning makes this possible, and prevents small problems from turning into bigger, more expensive and more time consuming problems.

Wear A Sports Mouthguard

Some of the most common sports injuries are dental injuries.  Youth athletics are an important part of life for many kids, and dental injuries can happen in any sport.  Make sure your child or teen wears a dental mouth guard to protect his/her teeth during practice and games.  

Did Your Teen Get His Braces Off This Summer?

Make sure they are wearing their retainers!  Orthodontic relapse is seen in young adults as old as 25!  Retainers are designed to maintain the position of the teeth, and must be worn as often as prescribed by the orthodontist.  Keep teeth from shifting by helping your teen make sure they are compliant with the use of their retainers.

Pack A Healthy Lunch

The foods we eat can impact our dental health.  Pack fresh veggies and fruits for a vitamin packed energy burst.  Avoid sugary drinks and sodas in the lunch box.  Cheese is a great snack option because it has recently been shown to help protect teeth against cavities!

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