Dental Fillings

Sometimes, Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach residents experience tooth decay. After you eat, plaque forms on your teeth. This traps harmful bacteria, and if not removed develops into tooth decay.

Regular dental checkups help reduce plaque formation, but sometimes bacteria can form a cavity regardless. This cavity may be too small to see with the naked eye. If not treated promptly, it will grow into a larger problem involving the gums or the nerve of the tooth. The result is a painful tooth that cannot chew, and that may need a root canal.

To prevent more serious problems, our dental team recommends removing areas of tooth decay as soon as possible to prevent further damage; this is called a filling. These composite fillings strengthen the tooth’s structure.

At Affordable Dental Center, fillings are a quick, painless procedure. We use only the latest high-quality bonded fillings. They are mercury-free, and are white to match your natural teeth.

Once the filling is in place, you will enjoy a stronger, healthier tooth with a restored natural appearance. With today’s composites, getting a filling is no big deal! Find out more about our dentistry treatments.