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Dr. Ken Elrod DDS

Dr. Ken Elrod, DDS is a Dentist primarily located in Jacksonville, FL. His specialties include General Dentistry. Find out more about our practice.

Danette has been in Dentistry for over 7 years; she was looking for an exciting career after being a stay at home mom for years. Her career started as a Dental Assistant for a small practice in Bucks County Pa. A few years later she was given the opportunity to move to a large practice and was the Head Dental Assistant; her love of dentistry grew and she learned many phases of the practice. Danette recently moved home to Jacksonville to be near her family. She is a graduate of Sandalwood HS and all three of her children were born in Jacksonville. Zachary is in the Navy and is stationed in San Diego, Zane is working in Jacksonville Beach and Zara attends Atlantic Coast HS. She enjoys doing home improvements in her new home and reconnecting with family and friends. Danette looks forward to setting up an art studio in her home where she can enjoy her hobbies of stained glass and oil painting.