Root Canals

Regular cleanings and a good dental routine at home will help keep the teeth and gums strong and healthy for Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach residents. If a cavity goes too deep and infects the nerve, then you will have a lot of discomfort and pain. An infection can even develop into an abscess. You will feel severe pain, and you will likely need a root canal procedure. This will stop the pain and allow you to keep your tooth.

How do you know if you need a root canal?

Watch for these red flags:

  • A moderate or severe lingering toothache that may throb, especially when you eat hot or cold foods.
  • Intense toothache pain that wakes you during the night.
  • Pain during biting or chewing.
  • Swelling on your gums that may release pus or blood upon pressure.
  • Pain that started in one tooth and then spread to other areas of your jaw or head.

A root canal sounds scarier than it really is, but actually, it is a fast, easy and comfortable procedure where the infected nerve is removed from the tooth. Afterward, it is recommended that a crown is placed over the tooth to strengthen and protect it; thanks to our in-house CEREC lab, you can have your permanent crown the same day!

With proper care, your restored tooth can be pain-free and last for a lifetime. Nobody wants a root canal, but when you need one, you will want it done right. Our dental team definitely knows how to treat you right, and the best part is that a root canal saves your natural tooth and your beautiful smile. Read more about our treatments.