Teeth Whitening

What Is ZOOM Advanced Power Teeth Whitening? This professional-strength teeth whitening process uses a special pH-enhanced hydrogen peroxide gel that lightens stains caused by beverages or certain medications.

Is ZOOM Advanced Power Whitening Safe? This innovative technology has been clinically proven to be safe and effective when performed under the supervision of a qualified dentist such as Dr. Elrod.

Who Can Use ZOOM Advanced Power? Almost anyone can benefit from ZOOM Advanced Power Teeth Whitening. However, like most types of whitening procedures, ZOOM is not recommended for those under age 13 or for pregnant women.  

How Long Does a ZOOM Advanced Power Whitening Take?
The procedure itself takes about an hour, although a teeth cleaning session is required first for optimal results.  

How Does ZOOM Advanced Power Compare to Other Whitening Methods?
Unlike at-home methods, ZOOM Advanced Power offers long-lasting, immediate results with the assurance of being performed by an experienced professional.

ZOOM offers benefits that are not available with take home trays, whitening strips or paint on gels:

• Immediately visible results in one hour. Take home methods require weeks or months to see a difference.
• More dramatic, consistent results. Take home techniques can only lighten the teeth by two or three shades, and the effect often looks uneven or unbalanced. ZOOM can lighten your teeth evenly by up to 12 shades. • Simple and painless procedure. Most patients are able to rest during the procedure. 

First impressions can count for a lot and having a bright, clean smile can open doors and inspire confidence. To learn more about how ZOOM can help you, call today to schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable and courteous professionals!

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