Tooth Extractions

An extraction removes a tooth that is crowded or becomes heavily damaged due to disease or trauma. It is preferable to save your natural tooth whenever possible, but sometimes an extraction simply cannot be avoided. A common example is extracting wisdom teeth that do not have enough room to grow. Left alone, a wisdom tooth may damage the adjacent tooth or become stuck under the gum, which causes more serious problems.

If the surrounding tissues are infected, supplemental antibiotics will ease the pain and swelling. Depending on the position of the tooth, Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach residents may either have the extraction done in our office or be referred to a nearby oral surgeon. We’ll review your x-rays and recommend the best course of treatment to prevent a dental emergency from ruining your plans.

At Affordable Dental Center, our Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach patients experience minimal pain and discomfort thanks to anesthetics, sedatives and expert technique. Our goal is to hear you say, “I did not feel a thing.”

Depending on your situation, you may want a bridge, dentures or dental implant to restore a natural look and feel. Whatever you choose, you will be glad your mouth has plenty of room and is pain free!

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